Naturalizing Phenomenology: Issues in Contemporary Phenomenology and Cognitive Science

by Jean Petitot, Francisco Varela, Jean-Michel Roy, Bernard Pachoud
Writing Science, Stanford University Press

Table of Contents

Beyond the gap : an introduction to naturalizing phenomenology / Jean-Michel Roy, Jean Petitot, Francisco Varela, Bernard Pachoud
Intentionality naturalized? / David Woodruff Smith
Saving intentional phenomena : intentionality, representation, and symbol / Jean-Michel Roy
Leibhaftigkeit and representational theories of perception / Elisabeth Pacherie
Perceptual completion : a case study in phenomenology and cognitive science / Evan Thompson, Alva Noèe, and Luiz Pessoa
The teleological dimension of perceptual and motor intentionality / Bernard Pachoud
Constitution by movement : Husserl in light of recent neurobiological findings / Jean-Luc Petit
Wooden iron? Husserlian phenomenology meets cognitive science / Tim van Gelder
The specious present : a neurophenomenology of time consciousness / Francisco J. Varela
Truth and the visual field / Barry Smith
Morphological eidetics for a phenomenology of perception / Jean Petitot
Formal structures in the phenomenology of motion / Roberto Casati
Gèodel and Husserl / Dagfinn Føllesdal
The mathematical continuum : from intuition to logic / Giuseppe Longo
Naturalizing phenomenology? Dretske on qualia / Ronald McIntyre
The immediately given as ground and background / Juan-José Botero
When transcendental genesis encounters the naturalization project / Natalie Depraz
Sense and continuum in Husserl / Jean-Michel Salanskis
Cognitive psychology and the transcendental theory of knowledge / Maria Villela-Petit
The movement of the living as the originary foundation of perceptual intentionality / Renaud Barbaras
Philosophy and cognition : historical roots / Jean-Pierre Dupuy