Morphogenesis of Meaning

Jean Petitot
Translated by Franson Manjali

Series "European Semiotics" (P-A. Brandt & W. Wildgen eds)
Volume 3, 2004, ISBN 3-03910-104-8
Peter Lang, Bern

Table of Contents


CHAPTER I  Problematic Aspects and Key Issues of Structuralism

1. Understanding ‘structure’

2. Main trends in structuralism: a brief review

3. The problem of formalizing structures

4. The necessity for a morphological geometry

5. The principles of Catastrophe theory

CHAPTER II  Categorical Perception and Topological Syntax

1. Phonological categorizations as critical phenomena

2. Actantial schematism

3. Tesniere's notion of verbal valence

4. The grammatical reduction of structural syntax   5. The scenic conception of case roles and the morphodynamical schematism   6. The localist hypothesis

CHAPTER III  Semio-narrative structures

1. Introduction

2. The sources of Greimasian theory

3. Panorama of Greimasian theory

4. Paul Ricoeur’s observations

5. Schematization of the undefinables